Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Water Bottle Cover Tutorial

I'm excited because today I have a ‘guest’ on the blog. 
This is the first tutorial from my special guest.  She offered to put together a tutorial and I figured I could share it! 
It is an honor to have a little tutorial from her.   
And, I have her to thank for my creative side, or creative ‘genes’ you could say!
Please welcome my extra special guest… {{drum roll please…}}
My one-and-only MOM!

Water Bottle Cover - Free Pattern
{Created by Cheryl}

I have been frustrated this year with my water bottle. Whenever I took it to work, the condensation on the outside was so bad that it actually left puddles on my desk!  When I looked for a pattern, I couldn't find one that would fit my Camelback™ water bottle, so I had to "design" it myself. Hopefully these directions can be adapted for anyone.

Materials Needed:
* Fabric - varies by the size of water bottle; (I needed 11" x 18" + enough for two 3 1/2" circles).

* Batting - to go around your water bottle + overlap; (my piece is 11"x 8 1/2") and a scrap for the bottom
* 1/4" Elastic- about 6" (optional)
* Webbing for strap (optional) (I needed 32")
* Hook and loop tape, 6"- 8"
* Thread (it should match better than mine; I wanted you to see the stitching)

1. Trace a circle for the bottom, and add 1/4" all around.  Cut 2 fabric circles and one of batting.

Measure the circumference of your bottle. Add 1/2" for seams and 3/4-1" for overlap. Measure the height of your bottle.  Double it and add 1/2" for seams and, if you want elastic, add 3/4"-1" for casing.
My cover piece is 11" x 18".  Cut generously. If your batting is thick, you may need more allowance.
Cut a piece of batting the height of your bottle and the same width as your fabric.

2. Put your batting circle between the fabric circles and sew together. I "quilted" mine, but you can just sew around the edges.
Place batting on wrong side of the fabric, matching the edges and covering  one half of the fabric (the side that goes around the bottle).
"Quilt" the batting to the cover.

3. Attach the webbing. Place on quilted side, even with the bottom, up to the top of the batting, allow 12"-14" for carrying, and back down the other side. I had to test where to place it by wrapping it around my bottle so that it would be half- way. My "handles" are 3 1/2" apart. Sew securely.

4. Fold in half, right sides together, and stitch up the sides, leaving ½" open at the top if you want elastic (a good idea if the neck of your water bottle is smaller than the body).

Turn right- side out.  Press carefully, so that the edges of the casing are inside.

5. Zigzag the bottom edges together.  If you want to use elastic, stitch 1/2" casing at the top.
Measure elastic the length you want and add 3/4" - 1" for overlap. Insert in casing; stitch in place at either end.

6. Cut hook and loop tape {velcro} to go about 3/4 of the way down either side, then stitch so that it will overlap.

7. Find your circle. Zigzag around the edges.  Match to the zigzag edge of the "body" of the holder, right sides together. Be careful to position it so that the overlap matches the tape you sewed on. Sew with a 1/4" seam

Turn right side out and Voila!

Time to enjoy your new water bottle holder!

*Thanks for creating the tutorial Mom!

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