Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HankOrange + Monograms

A little monogram action!

After moving across the country roughly a month ago, I’m feeling {mostly} settled into my new space and I’ve been working on some new designs for HankOrange. 

I’ve been wanting to try more with monograms {maybe the southern influence?!}.   A good friend of mine recently had a baby girl so I tried out a new monogram idea using her sweet little girl’s name {initials}.  

Right now, I’m loving the look of chevron print.  I used a simple chevron fabric and a basic circle shape then embroidered the monogram on top.  I really like how it turned out!  I like the combo of the aqua chevron and the bright pink embroidery!

I didn’t want the ‘girls’ to have all the fun!  I wanted to create a ‘boy’ design too.  Since my little man does everything he can to avoid wearing anything I create, I created a custom shirt for a friend - whose little guy sports his HankOrange shirts proudly!   Keeping the same circle idea, I used a navy chevron fabric and a slightly differently twist on the monogram.  I’m a fan!

HankOrange monogram line - What do you think?  

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