Monday, August 22, 2011

Old jeans + old sweater = new pillow for H's room!

I'm in the (slow) process of decorating my little man's room.  Since he doesn't have much of an opinion on how he'd like his room decorated (probably the one thing in life he doesn't have an opinion on!), I'm taking advantage of this opportunity and doing what I want to do.  I'm a big fan of the navy and orange combo right now so those are the colors I'm working with in his room.

I saw this pillow online and loved it!

I was not, however, going to spend $110 (yes, that is ONE HUNDRED and ten!) to buy it, especially when I knew I could make one very similar.

I found some old jean's, bought a sweater at the Goodwill, picked up some ribbon and piping at the local fabric store and, ta-dah!  I made my own 'star' pillow!  I didn't even spend $10.

The best part about the pillow?  When I was finished I showed my little man and he said "I like it Mommy!"  Now that is a stamp of approval!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elmo outfit: Happy Birthday Abby!

My best friend's twin sister's little girl (follow that?) loves Elmo, so she decided to have an Elmo themed birthday party for her.  So when my friend asked me to create a shirt for her to wear for the special day, we discussed several different ideas for what she could wear and we came up with a shirt/ skirt combo.  I think the skirt turned out super cute!  I'm hoping the birthday girl Abby will love her 'Elmo' outfit!

 I'm thinking about making more 'ruffle skirts' and selling them on my Etsy site.



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