Friday, February 8, 2013

Robot Valentine ‘Envelope’ Tutorial


Supplies Needed:
Felt - Red, Black, Gray, White {or whatever colors you want}

Ready to begin!

To start, cut a piece of felt for the ‘envelope,’ roughly 10” x 18”  {finished size will be about 10” x 7.5”}
Creating the ‘eyes’ for the robot:  Cut two large {black} and two small {white} circles out of felt.  As a template, I used two different sized spools of thread.  Then cut two small hearts {red felt} for the center of the eye.

* Optional: Adding a name.  I wanted to customize the envelope so I used my embroidery machine to add his name.  You could also cut out felt letters to spell the name, or cut one letter for the first initial.  

Creating the ‘ears’ for the robot:  I cut out Frankenstein-ish bolts for the ‘ears.’  I cut one piece {black felt} then laid it on top of a piece of gray felt, then, to make sure it would be the right size, cut around the black felt leaving the desired space. 

Sewing:  I first folded the large felt rectangle into the shape I wanted the ‘envelope’ to be.  I marked where I wanted the eyes and name to go, then I unfolded the ‘envelope’ so I could I then pin and sew on the eyes and the name. 

Once those were sewn on, I re-folded the ‘envelope’ and marked where the ‘ears’ needed to go.   I sewed them onto one layer of felt.  Next, I folded the ‘envelope’ around the ‘ears’ {so the ‘ear’ is in between the two layers of the felt when finished}.  I then sewed the ‘envelope’ and folded down the top ‘flap.’

And, Done!
Wasn't that easy?!

Your robot is ready to be stuffed with goodies and love notes for the little man {or lady} in your life! 

Robot Valentine Envelope

Now it is time to think of all the fun things you can put into the envelope for the little 'robot' in your life!   What will you put in your robot?  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Robot Valentine Envelope


With Valentines coming up, I wanted to make something ‘boyish’ for the little man. Initially I wanted make an ‘envelope’ {similar to something I’d seen at Pottery Barn Kids} that I could stuff with notes and goodies each of the 13 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.
My little man is into Robots right now.  He wanted a robot themed birthday party, he talks like a robot at times, and he dances {well, tries to} like a robot!  So, I went with the ‘robot’ theme.

Once I finally figured out what I wanted Mr. Robot to look like, it didn’t take too long to create.  I used felt and supplies I already had on hand.  If I had sat down and actually finished this in one sitting {uninterrupted time, what’s that?!}, it would have taken less than an hour to make.

Here is what I came up with.
I think this could be super cute as a ‘girly’ robot too.  But, since I have a boy, had to stick with keeping this as ‘manly’ as possible.

When I showed this to Little man he responded with,  ‘He needs feet.’ 

Hmm, maybe.  I think he might need a nose.

What do you think?

Envelope filled with a letter and popcorn for a 'date night'

Next year I think I will write daily ‘love letter’ {maybe I’ll call it a ‘robot-gram’ or something more ‘boy’ than ‘love letter’} or include a special treat and have it waiting for him when he wakes up each morning.

Tutorial coming tomorrow!


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