Monday, September 23, 2013

‘BOO’ Bunting Banner Tutorial - Quick and Easy

Burlap ‘BOO’ Bunting Banner  

I wanted to create a bunting banner to hang over a mirror in my entryway.  I also didn't want to spend too much time creating it.  
So, using supplies I already had on hand, and 30 minutes, I came up with this bunting banner! 
From start to finish it took less than 30 minutes.  You could probably even finish it in 15 minutes! 

Fast. Easy. Fun.  
And, a good way to use up scraps you have on hand!
What more could you want?!
Let’s begin!

Supplies Needed:

·      Sewing machine

·      Burlap {or any plain fabric}

·      Stencil for lettering

·      Acrylic paint {or anything you have on hand}

·      Ribbon or Rick Rack or Pom Pom String

·      Foam brush

·      Bowl to put paint in

·      Thread

1) Cut burlap into triangles {I cut six (6) triangles}

I created a pattern from a piece of paper by folding the paper in half, marking on the fold the desired height {mine was roughly 5 inches} and cutting from the bottom to the point I’d marked. Unfold the paper and you have your pattern!

2) Squeeze the paint {or pour, depending on your paint} into the bowl.

3) Take your stencil and place on top of one triangle burlap piece. 
** Make sure to put something under the burlap before painting.  Otherwise the paint will seep through onto the surface underneath.  I learned the hard way.   I painted my table top in the process {thank goodness the acrylic paint I used washes right off!}

4) Dip your paintbrush into the paint and paint the letter onto the burlap.

5) Let the paint dry then you are ready to sew the bunting banner together.

6) Using your ribbon/ rick rack/ whatever you choose to use, {I was going to use a fat rick rack ribbon, I chose a piece of left over pom-pom string I had} pin the painted burlap triangles onto the ribbon.

7) Sew the triangle on.  I double stitched to make sure the burlap would stay on.

8) And, Done!!  How easy was that?!  
Now you can hang your burlap bunting banner wherever you choose!

What do you think?
I think I might make a few more! 

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