Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Orange Undies

I posed a question on the HankOrange facebook page a while back: “If HankOrange were a pair of underwear, what would they look like?”

I think, If HankOrange were, HankOrange might look something like this:

Bright {ORANGE!}, fun, functional, and a little sassy! 

This fabulous pair of panties is actually a print that was designed and created by my super talented friend Dora {check out her site here}.   Ever since I’d discovered her artwork, I’d wanted a pair {or several!} to put in my HankOrange space.  I would joke with her that I needed to ‘go underwear shopping’ at her studio!
And, lucky me, I did get to go underwear shopping before I moved from California.
I love them!  LOVE them!
My orange ‘Hank’ undies are framed and proudly hung over my desk in my office.    

I smile whenever I look up and see the framed undies!   Seriously, how can you not smile when you see them? 
But the reason I smile goes beyond the fun and uniqueness of the artwork. 
The print from Dora brings inspiration and motivation.  The print dares me, in a way, to be bold.  To be creative.  To have fun.  And, the print reminds me to have fun and not take life too seriously! 
Thanks for the fabulous artwork Dora! 

You continue to make me smile daily!

Be sure to check out Dora's Site!


  1. I send birthday cards to select friends on my birthday (long story)
    a few years ago I sent the following card:
    some crawl up your butt
    some snap under pressure
    some don't have the strength to hold you up
    some get a little twisted
    some are your favorite
    some are holy
    some are cheap
    some are naughty
    and some actually cover your butt when needed.

    {that all said...I love the print/art...and kudos to you for hanging them in your creative work space}

    1. Andrea, I love it! I will have to share that with Dora! :)



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