Friday, July 12, 2013

Here we go again...

Denial is no longer working.  Reality is hitting.  
The time has come, once again.  

Laughter and fun with friends has turned into hugs and shared tears.  

Once again, I have to say my least favorite thing, ‘goodbye.’   

I have to say ‘goodbye’ to the place I’ve called home for two years.  A place I’d be happy to never leave.  I’m saying ‘goodbye’ to a favorite restaurant and to beautiful scenery and to places and faces that I’ve come to know over the past two years. 

But the hardest ‘goodbyes’ are those shared with friends and family.  I’ve been blessed to live close to my Grandma and to create priceless memories with her.   
I’ve been blessed to have met some amazing people who have become close friends, best friends.  
I’ve done a great job at denying that the end was approaching, and that the inevitable move really wasn’t coming.  Denial worked quite well, actually.  Well, that is, until now.  

Until I realized I couldn’t attend various events with friends because I’d no longer be living here.

Until my flight was booked and the countdown until I have to leave has begun. 
Until I had fish tacos Wednesday night at my favorite diner and realized it was my final Wednesday. 

Until I went to my final spin class taught by my favorite instructor and started to tear up in the middle of my favorite song.

Until I realized I could no longer say ‘I’ll see you next time’ because ‘next time’ has turned into ‘the last time.’   

Until my entire life was packed into boxes and the moving truck showed up at our house. 

Until I drove home from Grandma’s and realized that I wouldn’t be driving that way again. That my home would no longer be an hour from Grandma’s.  

Until I started thinking about all the great memories I’ve created over the past two years and how two years has gone by fast.  Way too fast.  

Until I stopped living in denial and faced reality.  

The reality that the time has come.  The day I’ve dreaded for months.   

I say it dragging my feet, trying to put it off as long as possible.  

I say it with eyes filled with tears.
Goodbye, Monterey.  

You will be missed.  Greatly missed.  
Thanks for all the great memories.  
We will meet again. Hopefully, very soon!

This ‘goodbye’ might be the hardest yet.


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