Monday, February 14, 2011

OWL -"Whoo" Shirts

A friend of mine -who loves owls- asked me to make a shirt with an owl on it for a little girl.
Creating the 'owl' design was fun and since then I've had fun making various shirts using the owl and the 'whoo' theme!
I also created a Big Sister/ Little Brother set using the owls!  Perfect for a shower gift!
"Whoo is the cutest" shirt

Big Sister/ Little Brother "Whoo is the best sister/brother?"

Happy Heart Day!

I was finally able to get my little man to wear his 'heart breaker' shirt!

Happy Valentine's Day from HankOrange!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Breaker tshirt

"Heart Breaker" Valentine t-shirt - $18.00 at my Etsy shop here

Is he not the cutest little model?  My little man is not interested at all in wearing his 'heart breaker' shirt (because it doesn't have a truck, car, plane or any sort of moving vehicle on it!) so my good friend let me use a photo of her adorable son for my blog!  Thanks CrafySix!


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