Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Water Bottle Cover Tutorial

I'm excited because today I have a ‘guest’ on the blog. 
This is the first tutorial from my special guest.  She offered to put together a tutorial and I figured I could share it! 
It is an honor to have a little tutorial from her.   
And, I have her to thank for my creative side, or creative ‘genes’ you could say!
Please welcome my extra special guest… {{drum roll please…}}
My one-and-only MOM!

Water Bottle Cover - Free Pattern
{Created by Cheryl}

I have been frustrated this year with my water bottle. Whenever I took it to work, the condensation on the outside was so bad that it actually left puddles on my desk!  When I looked for a pattern, I couldn't find one that would fit my Camelback™ water bottle, so I had to "design" it myself. Hopefully these directions can be adapted for anyone.

Materials Needed:
* Fabric - varies by the size of water bottle; (I needed 11" x 18" + enough for two 3 1/2" circles).

* Batting - to go around your water bottle + overlap; (my piece is 11"x 8 1/2") and a scrap for the bottom
* 1/4" Elastic- about 6" (optional)
* Webbing for strap (optional) (I needed 32")
* Hook and loop tape, 6"- 8"
* Thread (it should match better than mine; I wanted you to see the stitching)

1. Trace a circle for the bottom, and add 1/4" all around.  Cut 2 fabric circles and one of batting.

Measure the circumference of your bottle. Add 1/2" for seams and 3/4-1" for overlap. Measure the height of your bottle.  Double it and add 1/2" for seams and, if you want elastic, add 3/4"-1" for casing.
My cover piece is 11" x 18".  Cut generously. If your batting is thick, you may need more allowance.
Cut a piece of batting the height of your bottle and the same width as your fabric.

2. Put your batting circle between the fabric circles and sew together. I "quilted" mine, but you can just sew around the edges.
Place batting on wrong side of the fabric, matching the edges and covering  one half of the fabric (the side that goes around the bottle).
"Quilt" the batting to the cover.

3. Attach the webbing. Place on quilted side, even with the bottom, up to the top of the batting, allow 12"-14" for carrying, and back down the other side. I had to test where to place it by wrapping it around my bottle so that it would be half- way. My "handles" are 3 1/2" apart. Sew securely.

4. Fold in half, right sides together, and stitch up the sides, leaving ½" open at the top if you want elastic (a good idea if the neck of your water bottle is smaller than the body).

Turn right- side out.  Press carefully, so that the edges of the casing are inside.

5. Zigzag the bottom edges together.  If you want to use elastic, stitch 1/2" casing at the top.
Measure elastic the length you want and add 3/4" - 1" for overlap. Insert in casing; stitch in place at either end.

6. Cut hook and loop tape {velcro} to go about 3/4 of the way down either side, then stitch so that it will overlap.

7. Find your circle. Zigzag around the edges.  Match to the zigzag edge of the "body" of the holder, right sides together. Be careful to position it so that the overlap matches the tape you sewed on. Sew with a 1/4" seam

Turn right side out and Voila!

Time to enjoy your new water bottle holder!

*Thanks for creating the tutorial Mom!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There’s an ‘I’ in my team!

As the saying goes, ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team.
But, there is an ‘I’ in my team.  It is spelled  O-I-S-E-L-L-E.   

Phil Jackson once said,  
“The strength of the team is each individual member.    
The strength of each member is the team.”

I couldn’t agree more!

Growing up I was on numerous teams.  I’d say my ‘best’ sport was basketball.  But I was in no way one of the best players.  I was an average athlete who mostly played to do something with my friends, to be part of the TEAM.   My freshman year, I was awarded the Coach’s Award – translation: your basketball skills aren’t the greatest, but you work hard and we like you on the team.   Again, I wasn’t great, but I enjoyed the part about being on the team. 

I was just selected to be part of another team, the Oiselle {pronounced wa-zell} Volée running team.  {Check it out}  Honestly, when I first received the email I was selected, I was in a bit of shock.  Really?  Me, the mediocre athlete, was selected out of over 400 applicants to be part of the Oiselle team?  Woah!  

I am super excited to be part of a group of 150 woman athletes all over the country.   
It is an honor.   
A big-time honor.
The other members and I make up the Volée team.  We are spread all over the country, and most of us don’t know each other, but we are a team.  All individuals connected through running and Oiselle.  All women who are dedicated and determined athletes.

But it is me, the ‘I’, who is motivated and inspired by my teammates.  Knowing that my race results will be posted on the Oiselle website and that my teammates will see, and I will see their race results. 
It is the ‘I’ who wants to do well. 
The ‘I’ who wants to succeed.  
The ‘I’ who want to run faster.  The ‘I’ that wants to win.
I don’t want to let myself down. 
I don’t want to let me team down. 

Running is an individual sport, but the individuals make up a team.  A team of dedicated and determined athletes with one common interest: running.   We all run for different reasons.  Each ‘I’ has her own reasons to run, but we all run.  We are a team.  A team made up of 150 individual women. 
Being selected to be part of the Oiselle team has given me a new motivation to run. A new dedication to improving my running and my overall health.  Being part of the team, as Jackson stated, has given me a new strength that can only come from being part of a larger cause.  A team.  The Oiselle Volée team.

Thank you, Oiselle, for the opportunity for this little bird to join the flock!  

I shared this post idea with my friend Liz, her response, 
You can't call yourself a "mediocre" athlete. Sorry.   
Please don't hide your light. You're a runner. A really fast one.” 

Thanks for the kind words my friend.  Guess I will be adding her name to my ‘do not let down’ list too!

I won’t let you down, team Volée!  Here’s to a year of running fast and having fun!

I will spread my wings and fly!  

Fly high. Run fast.  Shine bright.  Team Volée.

 Check out my Oiselle profile {here}!

Monday, September 23, 2013

‘BOO’ Bunting Banner Tutorial - Quick and Easy

Burlap ‘BOO’ Bunting Banner  

I wanted to create a bunting banner to hang over a mirror in my entryway.  I also didn't want to spend too much time creating it.  
So, using supplies I already had on hand, and 30 minutes, I came up with this bunting banner! 
From start to finish it took less than 30 minutes.  You could probably even finish it in 15 minutes! 

Fast. Easy. Fun.  
And, a good way to use up scraps you have on hand!
What more could you want?!
Let’s begin!

Supplies Needed:

·      Sewing machine

·      Burlap {or any plain fabric}

·      Stencil for lettering

·      Acrylic paint {or anything you have on hand}

·      Ribbon or Rick Rack or Pom Pom String

·      Foam brush

·      Bowl to put paint in

·      Thread

1) Cut burlap into triangles {I cut six (6) triangles}

I created a pattern from a piece of paper by folding the paper in half, marking on the fold the desired height {mine was roughly 5 inches} and cutting from the bottom to the point I’d marked. Unfold the paper and you have your pattern!

2) Squeeze the paint {or pour, depending on your paint} into the bowl.

3) Take your stencil and place on top of one triangle burlap piece. 
** Make sure to put something under the burlap before painting.  Otherwise the paint will seep through onto the surface underneath.  I learned the hard way.   I painted my table top in the process {thank goodness the acrylic paint I used washes right off!}

4) Dip your paintbrush into the paint and paint the letter onto the burlap.

5) Let the paint dry then you are ready to sew the bunting banner together.

6) Using your ribbon/ rick rack/ whatever you choose to use, {I was going to use a fat rick rack ribbon, I chose a piece of left over pom-pom string I had} pin the painted burlap triangles onto the ribbon.

7) Sew the triangle on.  I double stitched to make sure the burlap would stay on.

8) And, Done!!  How easy was that?!  
Now you can hang your burlap bunting banner wherever you choose!

What do you think?
I think I might make a few more! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

HankOrange: How’d you get that name?

Hank + Orange.

Two things I love.  My son and my favorite color.

But HankOrange is much more than a kid and a color. 

HankOrange was established in 2010 during a time when I needed something for ‘me’.  My little man, ‘Hank,’ was a few months past his one-year birthday.   My husband was gone on a 12-month deployment to Iraq.  I had wanted an embroidery machine, so, as a little ‘deployment’ gift to myself, I purchased one.  My machine isn’t super fancy or high tech, but it does what I need it to do {most of the time, anyway!}. 

Sewing and designing with my embroidery machine became a creative outlet for me.  I created custom items for friends and family.  I realized I enjoyed the process- and the sense of accomplishment-  so I decided to open up an Etsy shop {why not, right?!}.

What started as a little hobby has turned into a business that can travel with me wherever I go.  As I mentioned before, I’m a military spouse.  And being part of the military community means moving, and often.

My grandma recently told me, prior to our last move, “as long as you have your sewing machine to hide behind, you will be just fine.”  Her words ring true.  One thing that remains a constant for me, is my sewing machine {and my running shoes, but that’s another post!}.   Although, at times, I probably ‘hide’ behind my machine a bit too much. 

I love to sew.  I love to create. Having an indie business has its up and downs, just like life.  Nothing is perfect.

Sure, there are plenty of times when I get frustrated.  Frustrated that a project is taking too long, or not going the way I had imagined it would, frustrated my machine just ate another project {and it is quite possible I’ve punched my machine before!}.

But when someone shares that what I created is ‘better than they’d imagined,’ or ‘perfect’ for the recipient, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming and is the reason I do what I do.   It is the reason I love to sew and to create!  The fulfillment and the process of it all is what keeps me motivated, what keeps HankOrange going. 

The frustrations are overshadowed and forgotten when a customer is beyond happy. 

HankOrange is much more than a kid and a color.

HankOrange is a story.  HankOrange is a brand.

Please share in the HankOrange story! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HankOrange + Monograms

A little monogram action!

After moving across the country roughly a month ago, I’m feeling {mostly} settled into my new space and I’ve been working on some new designs for HankOrange. 

I’ve been wanting to try more with monograms {maybe the southern influence?!}.   A good friend of mine recently had a baby girl so I tried out a new monogram idea using her sweet little girl’s name {initials}.  

Right now, I’m loving the look of chevron print.  I used a simple chevron fabric and a basic circle shape then embroidered the monogram on top.  I really like how it turned out!  I like the combo of the aqua chevron and the bright pink embroidery!

I didn’t want the ‘girls’ to have all the fun!  I wanted to create a ‘boy’ design too.  Since my little man does everything he can to avoid wearing anything I create, I created a custom shirt for a friend - whose little guy sports his HankOrange shirts proudly!   Keeping the same circle idea, I used a navy chevron fabric and a slightly differently twist on the monogram.  I’m a fan!

HankOrange monogram line - What do you think?  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Orange Undies

I posed a question on the HankOrange facebook page a while back: “If HankOrange were a pair of underwear, what would they look like?”

I think, If HankOrange were, HankOrange might look something like this:

Bright {ORANGE!}, fun, functional, and a little sassy! 

This fabulous pair of panties is actually a print that was designed and created by my super talented friend Dora {check out her site here}.   Ever since I’d discovered her artwork, I’d wanted a pair {or several!} to put in my HankOrange space.  I would joke with her that I needed to ‘go underwear shopping’ at her studio!
And, lucky me, I did get to go underwear shopping before I moved from California.
I love them!  LOVE them!
My orange ‘Hank’ undies are framed and proudly hung over my desk in my office.    

I smile whenever I look up and see the framed undies!   Seriously, how can you not smile when you see them? 
But the reason I smile goes beyond the fun and uniqueness of the artwork. 
The print from Dora brings inspiration and motivation.  The print dares me, in a way, to be bold.  To be creative.  To have fun.  And, the print reminds me to have fun and not take life too seriously! 
Thanks for the fabulous artwork Dora! 

You continue to make me smile daily!

Be sure to check out Dora's Site!


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