Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wicked Creative

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I received a huge compliment the other day {at least I took it as a huge compliment!} A friend told me I was ‘wicked creative.’   
I don’t think it was the exact words that meant so much, but more that the comment was so meaningful because it totally caught me off guard.

I had no idea my friend had looked, or would ever look, at my blog.   I think I mentioned the blog once in a brief conversation and I had no idea he was actually paying attention.  

The comment had a big impact for being two simple words.

The comment was unexpected and flattering.  The comment came at a time when I must have really needed to hear it.  That might sounds silly, but it is so true.  It caused me take a step back and realize that maybe I do have a talent.   The comment also caused me to recognize I don’t give myself much credit at times.  I sometimes find myself disappointed with my lack of creativeness or lack of ideas or lack of motivation.   I suppose it all comes down to confidence in myself and my creative abilities.  

Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected compliment.  A friendly reminder, maybe I am talented.   Who knew a simple compliment could mean so much and cause such thought!

The next time I’m feeling ‘lacking’ I am just going to say the words and maybe it will be the motivation I need to press on: ‘Wicked Creative.’ 

At the very least, it will make me smile!   

Thank you, dear friend, for the compliment!  

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