Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent Idea for Kids: Book A Day


My Mom had a great idea this year for an Advent calendar for little man.  A book a day.   

I’m not sure if she came up with the idea herself, or read it somewhere, but either way, I give her all the credit.  She wrapped up 24 books and each morning little man gets to open the package with the number that corresponds with the day. 

Seriously, a brilliant idea.  

I figured he would enjoy this, but I had no idea just how much he’d love it.  He wakes up each morning wanting to open the book for the day.  He remembers what number we opened the previous day and he knows what the current day is.  If anything, this ‘advent calendar’ is a great way to practice numbers and counting!  Again, Mom, you're brilliant.  I’m lucky to have a teacher for a mother! :) 

I totally recommend this for younger kiddos.  You don’t even have to use new books.  My Mom gathered up some books she had from when my brother and I were younger {works out in my favor that she saves things!} and then she purchased a few at the book fair at her school.  

The books are just wrapped with simple plain paper with a big number written in marker on the top.  

Easy.  And, the kid loves it.  LOVES it!

Books are much healthier than candy too!

Mom, you’re a genius!  Thanks for the idea, and the 24 new books!

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