Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Wreath

I love Christmas.   I love {most} everything about it.   The post-Christmas event of taking down the Christmas decorations, however, is my least favorite thing about Christmas.  Not only do I dislike putting everything away, I dislike the emptiness the lack of the decorations leaves behind.  Once the Christmas décor is put away, it seems my house is left empty.  As if to remind me that yet another year has come and gone.

Often I put up some Valentine’s decorations, but this year I wanted to do something more ‘wintery.’  I wanted to make a wintery type wreath so I would at least have something up before putting up the Valentine decor.   

I had an idea in mind that I wanted to create - snowflakes, snowballs, something to that effect.  I used some supplies that I already had {snowflakes from Christmas decor, felt, sparkly bird}  and purchased a few things at Michaels… the finished product was different than I had originally thought, but I like it even more!  

Tutorial coming soon!

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