Friday, December 7, 2012

Printable Holiday Fun!

Life at my house the past few weeks has been interesting, to say the least.  Started off with a short hospital stay for my husband, then once he was back home, our entire house managed to get strep throat.  Not a good two weeks.  Since we were stuck at home trying to all get well again, I was trying to come up with various new ideas for little man to do to occupy his time- and energy.  
Fortunately, I had recently received Barbara Feldman’s ‘Printable Holiday Fun, Printable Activity Sheets’ disc in the mail.   I was asked to review the disk, but it couldn’t have come at a better time! The ‘Printable Fun’ disk full of various activities sheets, coloring sheets, word searches, etc. for just about every holiday!

Oh yes, you better believe I printed some of those sheets out!

When I inserted the CD I was surprised by how many different documents there were to choose from!  I figured that since Thanksgiving is the next holiday coming up {this post is a little late!}, I’d print out a few Thanksgiving related sheets. 

Little man isn’t big on coloring or doing sit-down activities unless he is in a certain mood.  But, once he did sit down to ‘work’ on the sheets, he colored for a little while and enjoyed the activities.

About a week later, some of little man’s friends came over for a bit while their Mom attended parent-teacher conferences.  One of the kiddos- who happens to be a girl- is very into drawing and coloring.   She was thrilled to have some of the worksheets to color while waiting for her Mom!  A perfect activity for her!

Now, with Christmas rapidly approaching, I’m planning to print out the various Christmas worksheets and giving them to little man during ‘quiet time’ or for a good rainy day activity!

I totally recommend this disk.  When you need an activity for a rainy day or want your kiddos to do something, this is great!   With Christmas coming up, this could be a good gift for a friend with kiddos too!

You can check out Barbara Feldman's site here!

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