Friday, December 9, 2011

Flag Banner Tutorial!

Need:  Fabric (as many or few patterns as you choose!)
           Sewing machine
           Ribbon (I used 7/8” grosgrain)
           Triangle Pattern- I made a ‘pattern’ so each triangle would be cut the same size

Ready?  Lets go!

I cut out the triangle shapes from the selected fabrics.  Two triangles per flag. I used the same fabric for each side for the triangle.  You could use different fabrics for each side of the flag if you wanted, which could be fun because then the flag banner could be reversed and have a completely different look!

I then sewed the triangles together, right sides together.   I used a ½” seam allowance, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  :) 
I trimmed the ‘point’ of the flag as close to the seam as I could.  (One thing you can do on those points, is put fray check so that they are less likely to fray when you reverse them)

Turn the triangles right side out and press them flat.  

Measure the ribbon to the desired length of the flag banner.   I added about a foot on each side, for hanging purposes.  

Cut two pieces of ribbon the desired length.  I used two pieces of the same color grosgrain ribbon- one for the back, and one for the front.  This allows you to cover the unfinished tops of the triangles!  This also allows the banner to be reversible.  If you want the banner to be different when reversed, you could use two colors of ribbon- one for each side.   I’m going to try that next time!

Pin the ribbon on top of the triangle pieces, making sure the distance between each triangle is the same (I left about 1.5” between each). 

Sew the ribbon together, securing the triangles between the two pieces.  I recommend sewing the bottom side together first, because it will allow you to secure the triangle pieces in place as well. 

Sew the top of the length of ribbon together. 

Cut ends of ribbon to desired length (if one side is longer than the other).

Voila!  You have a fun triangle flag banner to hang!  

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