Thursday, December 1, 2011

Birthday Boy!

My little man just turned three.  THREE!  I can hardly believe three years have gone by! 

You might be thinking this post is going to be about the decorations I made for his party, or the shirt I made for the birthday boy.  But it is not.  I did not make any decorations for his party, or anything special for him to wear. 

Nothing.  Not one thing.
Not for lack trying; I had plenty of ideas.  I even had an awesome idea for a birthday shirt for him to wear.  Which, I must say, I was excited about creating!  But he didn’t share in my excitement.  So, I didn’t even bother. 

When I asked him about it (which I did several times hoping he would change his mind) his response was ‘I not wear that Mommy’… and I knew it was true.  He wears what he wants to wear.   He is somewhat strong willed!  And, for me, it is just not worth the battle. (My Mother likes to tell me it is ‘pay backs’… HA!)

Oh well.  Saved me some time.   Time that I used to make a special banner for a birthday girl who I know will (and does) appreciate it!

But, I wouldn’t trade my little man and his opinionated self for anything.  His little smile and his contagious laugh can brighten even the worst of days.  The last three years could be described as a roller coaster, but one thing that was a constant was my little man and his big blue eyes and smiling (most of the time) face!  L.O.V.E his sweet face!

He turned three the day after Thanksgiving.  And for him, I am thankful.  I often hear women say how much they love being a mother, and I couldn’t agree more.  Sure, he has his own opinions, but don’t we all?  I know I do.  I want my little man to be who he is.  And, if that means he doesn’t want anything to do with the things I make, then I am okay with it.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  It has become a joke among some friends that every other kids loves what I make except my own.  Oh well.  He is my son and I love him more than words can express! 

Happy #3 Henry James!

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