Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smarty Pants

Wednesday, I took the little man to the fabric store. The poor kid has become quite familiar with this place, he is a regular! I do try to go without him when I can, but yesterday I really wanted to go and it had to be during a specific time. Kaffe Fassett was at the local fabric shop doing a trunk show and signing autographs. My Mother had mailed me a book of hers to have him autograph (can’t disappoint Grandma- at least that reason worked on the little man!) so I had to go!

The place was PACKED!  Of course, since I was there I needed to grab some fabric for a specific project I’m working on. Maybe not the best decision. The line to the cash register was about 20 people deep. Since we were the youngest (myself included) in the shop by at least 20 years, we stood out and all the sweet ladies standing in front and back of us made it their mission to get the cute three year old to talk to them. He wanted nothing to do with it.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, however, he started to come out of his shell (and started to loosen the death grip he had around my neck and waist!). He never did talk to anyone except me, but he did start acting more like himself. He was pointing out various shapes and objects on the bolts of fabric near us. He was telling me what the colors were and how many bolts of fabric were in a row. He was telling me stories about the alligators and why there was only a ‘Daddy’ and a ‘baby’ alligator picture. The ‘mommy alligator is in the water’- and that is why she wasn’t pictured. Obviously.

Then, all of a sudden, “Target Store!” he screamed, “Mommy Target store!” The ladies surrounding us all laughed! What did he see what looked like Target? I realized he was looking at a fabric. A solid red fabric with white dots with smaller red dots in the middle- resembling the Target store ‘target’ logo.
Brand recognition at it’s finest!

He comes up with some random things, but he entertains me for sure. And, he entertained all the ladies in line as well.
My trips to the fabric store with my little man are always an adventure!

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