Monday, December 5, 2011

‘Tango’ Turns Six!

I started writing a post about a birthday banner I made, but I got myself off on a little tangent and started rambling about my little birthday boy!

So, let me try again.  I will try to stay focused!  Today I want to talk about another birthday.  The birthday of one of the sweetest little girls I know, ‘Tango’. 

Her mom is a good friend of mine and she asked if I could make a banner for the birthday girl- absolutely!  I had wanted to make a flag banner, but never had, so this little project benefited us both!

With our project in mind, the two of us headed to the fabric store and picked out three fabrics her mom loved.  Why three?  No reason really, she just picked the patterns she loved.  Then, we raided my fabric stash to find other fabrics with colors and patterns that would work with the other three fabric selections.  We ended up with seven different fabrics.

Together we chose the order the various fabrics should go, the color ribbon that should be used to ‘tie’ the flag banner together, the preferred size of the triangles for the banner, and whether or not it should have her name on the flags.   Once some decisions were made (which tends to take a little longer when only half of the conversation is really about the sewing project!), I got to work. 

Miss Tango woke up on her special day to the banner hanging up in the dining room and a little birthday ‘tea party’ complete with fancy china and cupcakes!   So fun!  I’m thinking I want to wake up at Tango’s house on MY birthday!   

I hear the banner is now proudly hung in Tango’s room.  Makes me smile knowing that HankOrange can add a little color and fun to her room.  Sometimes the simple things are most rewarding. 

Happy 6th Birthday Miss ‘Tango’!

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  1. The banner is perfect. I am consistently amazed at your ability to listen to an idea, collaborate... and bring the HankOrange magic to everything you create! Your heart and your talent come through every time. Thanks for making Tango's birthday pretty. We heart HankOrange. xo



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