Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wintery Wreath Tutorial/ DIY

The Christmas decorations are down, and my house is looking a little bare.  Often I just get out the Valentine’s décor to add at least a little color.  I wanted to make a wintery wreath so I could have some sort of décor up before getting out all the red and pink for Valentines Day. 
I thought it would be fun to make a ‘snow’ wreath for post Christmas décor.  Not really sure why, but at some point I bought a ton {I must have at least 40} of the plastic snowflakes you find at Christmas time. 
I thought it would be fun to make a ‘snow’ wreath for post Christmas décor.  I originally planned to use the snowflakes and put them around the wreath, but I didn’t love the way that looked.   I wanted something different.
I started with strips of white felt that I thought would create a soft ‘snowy’ look.  Then I added the snowball ‘sticks’ {no idea what they are actually called!} I found at Michaels on clearance and a sequined bird I’d purchased a few years ago.   I am really happy with the way the wreath turned out!   

Here is what I did, a quick tutorial:

The wreath is very easy to make and I used supplies I already had {mostly}.

Supplies you will need:
* Styrofoam wreath
* White felt, cut into strips
* Pinking Sheers {not necessary, but adds a little extra to the strips of felt}
* Plastic snowflakes
* Decorative bird {I got mine at Pier 1, but I’ve seen them elsewhere too}
* 'Sticks' I bought at Michaels during their post Christmas clearance

Cut felt {or fabric of choice} into long stripes.
I used some white felt I had and cut it into strips about an inch wide. My strips were about 14 inches long, but the longer you can make them the better!
Take your first strip of felt.  Starting on the backside of the wreath, pin the piece of felt to the wreath.  

    Wrap the felt in a circular motion around the wreath.  When you come to the end of the first piece of felt, take the second piece and continue wrapping making sure to cover up the end of the first piece of felt.  Continue until the entire wreath is covered with the felt.   *The longer the strips the better because they can be wrapped around and around the wreath without having to stop and ‘cover up’ the end pieces. 
 Once you have the wreath covered, take the ‘sticks’ or twigs or whatever you choose to use and decide where you want to place them.  When you have them ‘in place’ take another piece of felt and wrap around the ends of the ‘sticks’ to secure in place. 
    Take the bird and place it in the middle of the ‘sticks.’  The sequined bird I used has a clip on the bottom so I clipped it onto one of the ‘sticks’.  The clip also made it more challenging to get the bird to look just right. 

    Final step- add the snowflakes!  Since the snowflakes came with strings attached, I figured they could hang and create a more ‘snowing’ look. 


    Take your plastic snowflakes and arrange on the wreath by pinning them to the top half of the wreath, allowing them to hang.  You could also glue or pin the snowflakes to the top and sides of the wreath.


Voila- done!  Fun new wintery wreath to hang!  

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