Thursday, February 7, 2013

Robot Valentine Envelope


With Valentines coming up, I wanted to make something ‘boyish’ for the little man. Initially I wanted make an ‘envelope’ {similar to something I’d seen at Pottery Barn Kids} that I could stuff with notes and goodies each of the 13 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.
My little man is into Robots right now.  He wanted a robot themed birthday party, he talks like a robot at times, and he dances {well, tries to} like a robot!  So, I went with the ‘robot’ theme.

Once I finally figured out what I wanted Mr. Robot to look like, it didn’t take too long to create.  I used felt and supplies I already had on hand.  If I had sat down and actually finished this in one sitting {uninterrupted time, what’s that?!}, it would have taken less than an hour to make.

Here is what I came up with.
I think this could be super cute as a ‘girly’ robot too.  But, since I have a boy, had to stick with keeping this as ‘manly’ as possible.

When I showed this to Little man he responded with,  ‘He needs feet.’ 

Hmm, maybe.  I think he might need a nose.

What do you think?

Envelope filled with a letter and popcorn for a 'date night'

Next year I think I will write daily ‘love letter’ {maybe I’ll call it a ‘robot-gram’ or something more ‘boy’ than ‘love letter’} or include a special treat and have it waiting for him when he wakes up each morning.

Tutorial coming tomorrow!

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