Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HankOrange is famous!

Well, maybe not famous.   But, there is a chance that HankOrange will make a television debut!   Two adorable little boys will be wearing shirts created by HankOrange and they will be on TV. 

Let me explain.  A while back a lady contacted me about making some ‘welcome home’ shirts for her two boys.  I was excited she chose HankOrange to make special shirts for her boys.   After a bit of back and forth conversation, I learned that her husband’s Army unit was coming home from a year deployment, the following week!  Excitement!  I also learned that their unit was a part of a new television series,  “Married to the Army: Alaska.”   

Photo courtesy of Jen Hammer Photography

I was thrilled.  First of all, Welcome Home ceremonies are a big deal and I get excited knowing that I’m making special shirts for little ones who will soon be reunited with their Daddy.  Second, I was super excited thinking that HankOrange shirts could possibly make an appearance on this new TV show! Yeah!

Photo courtesy of Jen Hammer Photography

So, if you’re as curious as I am if HankOrange creations will be on TV, you can watch the premier of  ‘Married to the Army: Alaska’ on November 18th…   You know I’ll be watching! 
To see a preview of the show, go here!  And another preview, here  

Thank you Sara for choosing HankOrange to be part of your very special day.  

The day your Hero came HOME! 

Photo courtesy of Jen Hammer Photography

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