Thursday, September 27, 2012



It is once again that time of year.  The weather starts turning colder, leaves start changing colors and falling off the trees, days get shorter and nights get longer. 

This can only mean one thing- fall is here!  And what goes with fall?  Monsters!  Well, maybe not.  But when fall arrives, Halloween comes shortly after.  And monsters do go along with Halloween. 

I can’t say that I love all things Halloween.  I don’t like the scary and frightening aspects associated with Halloween, but I do enjoy the creative aspects that go into decorations and costumes!  

One of my favorite things to make is a ‘monster’ shirt!  The HankOrange ‘monster’ isn’t in the least bit scary.  The HankOrange ‘monster’ is fun and playful! 

The ‘monster’ is sewn using a ‘freestyle’ technique that leaves raw edges of the fabric showing.  When washed, the edges fray a little creating a unique and fuzzy look.

I’ve made boy monsters and girl monsters, twin monsters and brother monsters.   I’ve also made a ‘monster’ pillow.  I think they are so much fun!  Maybe the next ‘monster’ I make will be for a little ‘monster’ you know?!  

Get your lil’ monster their own shirt HERE.

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