Monday, October 29, 2012


 The only 'costume' little man has been caught in!  One of my favorite pics!

At my house, the little man won’t be dressing up for Halloween this year. 
He didn’t dress up last year either.

No, we aren’t against Halloween.  This has absolutely nothing to do with our influence.  Little man just wants nothing to do with it.  If you ask him – which people do regularly – what he is going to be for Halloween, his automatic response is ‘nothing.’  He doesn’t get upset, or embarrassed, he just simply states, ‘nothing.’ 

The practical side of me is actually happy he isn’t into the dressing up part.  I don’t have to make a costume.  I don’t have to buy a costume.   

The crafty side of me really wishes he wanted to dress up as something so I could get all creative and make him a costume.  But he wants nothing to do with dressing up.   

Maybe next year he will change his mind.  Maybe not.  Either way, he is my little man and I want him to be who he is- costume or no costume.    I want him to be true to himself and not let others influence him.  Even if it is as basic as not dressing up for Halloween. 

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