Monday, August 13, 2012

Monster Pillow!

I bought a large pillow a few months back thinking it would be fun for the little man to have his own big pillow - for his room or for laying on the floor while watching TV or just for fun.  

I thought I’d put a big ‘H’ on it to coordinate with his room décor.  He could care less about his room décor.  He wanted a ‘monster pillow.’  I was a bit hesitant – hence the months that passed before making it – since he begged for a ‘monster shirt’ and then refused to wear it.  Twice.

I had a little extra time this week so I figured I might as well knock out a few projects I’d been putting off.   The pillow was at the top of my to-do list.  I was actually looking forward to the project.  I asked little man various things like what color monster should be and what shape.  He told me how many teeth the monster should have and what color.  He chose purple for the teeth.  Last week he said the only color he didn’t like was purple.  Geez.  Guess the kid inherited my indecisiveness!  ;)

During his nap time the monster pillow was finished. Amazingly enough, little man was thrilled to see it finished.  

Monster on one side, ‘H’ on the other.  

Happy kid, happy Mom. Big 'monster' pillow.

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