Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monster shirt, Take Two!

I spoke too soon. Remember when I wrote this post about the monster shirt I made my son?  I said he liked the shirt, and he did, for about two days.  My ‘biggest fan’ turned on me.

He didn’t totally give up on me, he just changed his mind on what type of monster he wanted.  Actually, I should say, what color he wanted. 

Pink.  He wanted a pink monster.

The first time he asked, I didn’t think much about it.  But after he kept asking off and on for a few weeks, I figured he was really serious.  So I gave in.  And together we made a ‘pink’ monster shirt.  

Not so thrilled to get his picture taken!

We went to the fabric store and I let him pick out which pink fabric he wanted for his monster.  And then I asked him to help me while assembling the monster shirt.  The process went a little like this:
Me: “What color eyes should the monster have?” 
Him: “How about pink, mommy!”
Me: “What color horns do you want for the monster?”
Him: “How about pink!”
Me: “What should the mouth look like?”
Him: “Pink!”…
You get the idea…he was seriously all about a PINK monster!  I did manage to get him to change his mind on a few body parts, but basically, we created a pink monster!  

 I’m not sure if this new ‘pink’ monster is scary or just goofy, but he was excited about it when I finished it.  I did have fun working on the little project with him, and really, that is what is most important, having fun together.  I cut out pieces and he put them where they ‘should go.”  (I might have moved a few parts when I sewed them on, but for the most part, he really did put it together.)  Watching the expressions on his little face as we worked together was worth the time, even if he only wears the shirt once… But I really do hope he likes this one for more than two days!!

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