Saturday, September 17, 2011

‘Tough Critic’

I think HankOrange has a decent track record with happy customers.  I try to listen to ‘clients’ and create exactly what they want and do so in a timely manner.  I aim to please. 

I do, however, have one VERY tough client.  His name is Henry.  He is my son.   The kid doesn’t like anything I make for him.  We have had countless ‘disputes’ over him wearing something I’ve made for him. Why do I bother arguing with a three year old? 

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard him say “I NOT LIKE THAT.”  I’ve gotten to the point that I almost count on him saying it.  Fine Henry!  Be that way!  Other people like what I make and I don’t care if you do!  But, lets be honest, I do care.  I probably care too much.  I let a three-year-old dictate whether or not my creations are a success.   

I had basically given up on ever getting him to willingly wear something I’ve made.  Until now!   Monster shirts!  Who knew?  He loves the monster shirts!  
You can imagine my excitement when I started working on the monster shirts and, when little-mister-critic saw what I was working on, he said “Mommy I want one!  I want a monster shirt!”  I almost fell out of my chair.  I honestly thought he wouldn’t wear it, that tomorrow he’d have a different opinion of the shirt and want nothing to do with it. 
I was wrong.  He loves it!  L-O-V-E-S his monster shirt!  Might even become (dare I jinx myself?) his new favorite shirt!  
I think the key to his love for the shirt doesn’t have as much to do with the monster, but rather the fact that he ‘helped’ me create the monster.  He told me where the eyes should go and where horns should be placed.   He just informed me that the monster needed a tooth… which we will add soon. 

He likes the shirt because he played a part in creating it.  
I like the shirt because he played a part in creating it.  
And, I like the shirt because it caused my toughest critic to become my biggest fan!   

"Hank Monster"- My biggest fan!

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