Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colorful 2012

It is a new year.  I have goals and new ideas for HankOrange, but I haven’t been especially motivated to act on anything.  Until now. 

I found some inspiration - Kaffe Fassett!  His work totally enthuses and excites me.  I’m fascinated by his work.  
Kaffe is a man of many talents, but what I’m most drawn to, naturally, are his fabrics.  The way he uses brilliant bright colors and big bold pattern is totally stimulating to the eye!
Wednesday night I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Kaffe.   He presented a slide show with various photographs both of his works and of various things that have inspired his creations.  Oh Wow!  The man is amazing.  His personality and sense of humor made the hour-long presentation entertaining and totally inspiring!  
I left feeling re-charged and ready to be productive.  I left with a new admiration for bright colors and bold patterns.  I found a new appreciation for using simple shapes to create amazing patterns.  
I’m ready to do something bold and brave!  Thank you Kaffe for the motivation I needed!
Hopefully I can keep this enthusiasm and let it be the driving force for new HankOrange creations this year!
New Year.  New ideas.  New inspirations.   
Think bold.  Think big.  Be brave and be daring.  
Here’s to a colorful 2012!  

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