Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweatshirt re-do

Occasionally I look at other crafty blogs-- Sometimes for ideas and inspiration and sometimes just to see what others are doing.  I am repeatedly impressed by the creativity I observe on various blogs and often I see tutorials I want to try.  Often, however, I don’t.  I have a list of “I should try this” ideas, but the list “to-try” keeps getting longer, while the list of “did-try” remains about the same…short.

I did, however, try out a tutorial this past week.  I saw this “sweatshirt liposuction” tutorial on this blog: See Kate Sew.  Super fun blog, by the way! 

I loved what Kate did to the oversized sweatshirt and I wanted to try it!   So, I headed off to the local Goodwill and found myself a sweatshirt that looked like a good candidate for the ‘re-do.’

Here is the sweatshirt I found:
 I liked the design on the back!

And the what it looks like now:

I think next time I will try to find a sweatshirt that is much bigger to begin with, but I think this one turned out cute!  And, I have worn it just about everyday here since the temperature has been dropping!  

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  1. This is super cute!! I've been wanting to do some repurposing, but haven't had the guts yet! I have some stuff in my closet that is just begging me to chop it up. You've inspired me to get after it!



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