Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Angry Birds

The boys at my house (husband and son) have a slight addiction.    And by ‘slight’ I mean when the two of them are together, they are usually found feeding this addiction of theirs. 

What is their addiction?  Angry Birds, a game they play on the iphone.
I don’t really understand the game, and honestly, I don’t even care to understand it.  I’m not one who finds much entertainment in video games.  I have my own addictions (see fabric addiction post) so I guess I shouldn’t complain. 
I do, however, think it is funny that my three year old son can beat my husband!

A friend of mine made an ‘angry bird’ pumpkin and that gave me an idea.  Maybe I could make my little man a shirt?!   Knowing how excited my son gets about Angry Birds, I figured he’d love it.  He did love the shirt - for about five minutes.  He was thrilled when he saw it, but he refuses to wear it.  Typical!   

I guess I will just let the boys play their game.  And I will do what I do.  And I will make Angry Bird shirts for those who will actually appreciate them!  

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, I know a cool girl who made an angry bird pumpkin! Glad I could provide a little inspiration for my favorite seamstress! Love the shirt!



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