Monday, October 31, 2011

Running and Sewing

I enjoy sewing.  I probably enjoy time with my sewing machine a little too much, in fact.  If given the opportunity, I might choose to take my sewing machines and lock myself in a room for a day- oh the things that could happen! 

Sewing can be an escape for me at times.  Maybe I’d call it my ‘happy place’.   I have a shirt that says “running is my happy hour”… but this is also true for sewing.  I think I need a sign for my sewing space that says “sewing is my happy hour,” or maybe “sewing is my happy place”…or “I’m happy when I’m sewing,” or…you get the idea.  

While my running shirt reads true, I think sewing is a totally different ‘happy hour’ for me.   Sewing, in a way, is the opposite of running.

Running means getting my heart rate up and pushing myself physically to improve and achieve new goals.  And, it means getting outside and soaking up the quiet neighborhood before the hectic day begins.   Running can also be a social time too; some of my favorite runs and best conversations have taken place while running with a good friend!

When I run (and I mean run outside, this doesn’t happen on the ‘dreadmill’) I often have many new ideas for HankOrange – things I could sew or a new topic to write about.  While out on a morning run, when few others are out (or even awake) my mind is free to think, to dream, to imagine.  Maybe thinking about sewing makes the run go by quicker, loosing my thoughts to something other than the running itself.   And, for the record, I don’t ONLY think about sewing when I run.  I think about all sorts of things… but that is another topic for another day!

Sewing, for me, is less social and more personal time.  It is relaxing with a purpose of accomplishing and creating something new- it probably even lowers my heart rate (as long as what I’m trying to do is going according to the plan)!  Sitting in front of my sewing machine can be calming and quiet.  Even the humming noise my machine makes is almost a comfort at times.  I grew up hearing the hum of a sewing machine as my Mom would be in her sewing room working on various projects (oh, I could only be so lucky to have a ROOM!).  Finishing a project or coming up with something new to try brings a little excitement or even a thrill to my world.  Not everyone can say, ‘hey, look what I made!’

Running makes me happy.  Sewing makes me happy.  I do both and enjoy both, at different times and for different reasons.  I probably need both.  Maybe one balances the other out.

I run.  I sew.  And I can’t get enough of either ‘happy place!’

That is a little about me, the girl behind HankOrange.

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