Monday, May 7, 2012

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Re-fashion a knit dress into an Infinity Scarf

I’ve been wanting to work with knit for a while but I’ve had a hard time finding knit fabrics at the local fabric store.  So, when I found an XL knit dress on clearance at Old Navy for $3, I knew I was going to buy it and give it a try!  Why not!?
Not only did this project take less than an hour, the finished project turned out great!  The first day I wore the scarf I got several compliments.  To me, compliments equal success!

What you’ll need:
·      Serger (it is possible to sew knits on a sewing machine, but I used my serger)
·      XL Jersey knit dress (an oversized t-shirt could work too)
·      Scissors
·      Thread
·      30 minutes

Step one:  Cut off the ‘top’ of the dress.  Now you have one big ‘loop’ of fabric that was previously the skirt of the dress.

Step two:  Cut down one of the side seams of the ‘loop’ creating one long strip of fabric. 

Step three:  (If you want a thicker scarf, you can skip this step!)
Cut the strip horizontally.  Depending on the height of the fabric you have, and the width of the scarf you want, this will determine the number of sections you cut horizontally.  I cut the fabric into two strips.

Step four:  Put the right sides of the fabric together and serge on the vertical edge (shortest side).  You should have one long strip of fabric.

Step five: Serge the horizontal edges together (creating a tube essentially), making sure the right sides are together.

Step six: Turn the ‘tube’ right side out.  Almost done!

Step seven: Serge the open ends of the scarf together creating one large loop.  The surged seam will show, but because the scarf will be looped around your neck, you won’t seem the seam.

Step eight:  Put on the scarf and wear with pride!  Wasn’t that easy?! 

Infinity scarf wrapped three times around
Infinity scarf wrapped twice around

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