Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Custom 'Quote' T-shirt

Quick and easy way to get a ‘new’ shirt!

I was curious what the end result would look like if I wrote on a shirt with bleach.  I used a navy t-shirt I in my closet, a little bowl of bleach and voila! -  New shirt!
Turns out, it was fun and easy, and I like the finished product!

What you’ll need:
·      Dark t-shirt
·      Bleach
·      Glass bowl (to put a small amount of bleach in)
·      Q-tips
·      Newspapers and/or towel (to put in between the front and back of shirt when bleaching)
I took a navy blue shirt I already had but didn’t wear much- so I wasn’t concerned if I ruined it.

I decided what design I wanted on the shirt.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to write ‘love and laughter.’   I usually sign letters or emails ‘love and laughter’ so I figured that would be perfect for my shirt!

First, I laid newspapers all over the table. Just in case any bleach spilled.  I also changed into clothes I wouldn’t care if they ended up bleached.

Then I put a towel between the layers of shirt (cardboard or newspaper work too).  When I do this again, I will also put a thick piece of cardboard on top of the towel so I have a harder surface to draw/ write on.

Now, I was ready to start.  I just dipped one end of the Q-tip in bleach, then wrote- carefully- on the shirt using the Q-tip like a pencil.

It took a little while for the bleach to soak in and ‘bleach’ the shirt.   I re-traced the places I thought needed it.  I added the three hearts, and I was done!

I recommend washing the shirt immediately (and by itself) to wash out the bleach.

And, now you have a new shirt!  I think I’m going to make more!

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