Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seat Belt Covers

When sweet little Ella moved into a ‘big girl’ seat in the car, she hated it.  The seat belt 
strap hit right on her neck making it very uncomfortable to sit buckled in.  Her Mom asked me if I could make some covers for the seat belt so her neck could be much more comfortable.   Ella’s mom sent me a link to the ‘Make It Love It’ blog- (which I already knew about and enjoy reading!)

I basically followed this fabulous tutorial by Ashley from ‘Make It Love It’ but I did a few things differently.  You should check out her great blog too! 

* I used quilted fabric that I had left over from this project so I cut out all the steps for layering the fabric. 
* My covers needed to fit around a seat belt strap so I made my ‘covers’ roughly 8” x 6”.
* I also used one continuous piece of bias tape instead of cutting one piece for each side.  I personally think it is easier to do that way.
* I put my Velcro strips horizontally rather than vertically to they could be used on straps of various sizes.  
* And, to give them some extra character, I personalized them for Miss Ella by adding an ‘E’ to one and ‘e’ to the other (per her mom’s request).  
I think these turned out great!  I’m loving the black and white with the contrast of the bright pink!   Now Ella can ride in comfort and style! 


  1. Ella told me this morning that her neck was happy!!! Thank you!!!!



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