Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photoshoot with ‘Elna’

Photo taken by my good friend Val @ Girl with a Notebook
A little while ago a good friend of mine – who happens to also be a great photographer- came over and we did a little photo shoot in my back yard with ‘Elna’. 
Elna turned out to be a great subject and I’m so glad my friend and I did this.  I’m not necessarily a great photographer, but I enjoy trying to be! 

Elna is a vintage (early 1950’s) Swiss-made sewing machine.   She belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  I’ve actually used this machine, and she works!  And, if I were going to use Elna regularly, she is in desperate need of a tune-up.   But one thing is for sure, I had some fun taking photos with my vintage Elna!

I think this photo might be one of my favorites from the day.  Not really sure why, but I think I just like the rainbow of colors on the silver bobbins.  You probably won't find too many modern machines using metal bobbins.  All my machines have plastic bobbins now.

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