Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Embrace The Suck

Embrace The Suck Shirts
{How it all began}

It all started as a bit of a joke.    
Well, at least the idea of an actual shirt started as a joke.  The concept of ‘embracing the suck’ wasn’t a joke at all.  
In September, my military husband, found out he was going to deploy… and probably within a few weeks.  This came as huge surprise. 
As with any deployment, many preparations have to be made, and when his departure date was so quick, life got crazy.    And quickly.   Many plans had to change and many new plans and arrangements had to be made.

I said to another fellow spouse, in an effort to lighten the mood, this will suck.  We just need to ‘embrace the suck.’
And so it began.  Embrace the Suck. 

What started as an attempt to bring a smile to a fellow military spouse, turned into a regular statement we’d throw out.  And then I had the crazy idea to make the ‘embrace the suck’ club shirts.    I randomly posted on Facebook that I might make shirts and the feedback and the number of other people who would want one surprised me!   The response made me more excited to make the shirts.  And, it made me realized that everyone has their own story to ‘embrace.’ 

And the shirt production happened. 

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.  You just gotta embrace it.

When the workout you’re doing makes you feel like you can’t push any harder.  Embrace the suck.

When you want so badly to spend time with your best friend, but she lives on the opposite coast.  Embrace the suck.

When you find out your husband is deploying.  In two weeks.   Embrace the suck.

When you learn your family member has breast cancer.   Embrace the suck.

When you read that your friend {with a newborn baby} just had a stroke.  Embrace the suck. 

When you hear your friend’s Mom passed away suddenly.   Embrace the suck.

When you’re going through a tough situation. Embrace the suck.

When you just need to call it like it is. 'Embrace the Suck'

Sometimes, three words can sum it up.
Embrace. The. Suck
What’s your story?  
How do you 'embrace' what life throws at you?

Get your shirt HERE!  {Available in Men's and Women's}

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