Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Headbands for a Cure!

We all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer.
Some of us have lost loved ones in the battle against cancer. 
Some of us are currently helping a loved one fight against cancer.
Maybe your mother or father has cancer. 
Your sister or your brother. 
Your best friend. 
Your child. 
Cancer does not discriminate; it affects us all in one way or another.

I recently found out a friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

The news hit me like a punch in the face.   Why? How? So many questions ran thru my head.  I know so many others have faced the same situation.

HankOrange wants to do something to help those fighting cancer. 

I am participating in my community ‘RelayFor Life’ event, put on by the American Cancer Society, at the beginning of April.   
Along with raising money through donations {donate to Relay for Life here},

I wanted to do more.  One small way I can give back is doing one thing I do best- Sew.

I am creating ‘Hank for a Cure’ HankOrange headbands.   The headbands will have a small ‘ribbon’ embroidered on the side.  50% of the proceeds will be donated.

I will be selling the ‘Hank for a Cure’ headbands at the ‘Relay for Life’ event.
You can also get your ‘Hank for a Cure’ headbands through my Etsy shop or through myself directly. 
If you’d like a headband {or several!}, please let me know! 

Wear a headband for those who have won their battle against cancer! 
Wear a headband to remember those who lost their battle and are no longer with us.
Wear a headband for those who are currently fighting the disease that impacts so many lives. 
Show your support.  Wear a ‘Hank for a Cure’ headband!

Together we can raise money to help fight against cancer.  
One headband at a time!

‘Hank for a Cure’  

 **More headband options coming soon!**

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