Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three Simple Words

{Race Review}

Pre-race.  Keepin warm wearing my Oiselle layers!

A week ago I ran a 6K.  It was my first race of the year and my first ever 6K.

The week leading up the race I was nervous.  I hadn’t been training like I wanted to be, I hadn’t even put many miles in the weeks prior, and the weather was supposed to be cold.  Freezing cold. 

I didn’t have high expectations of how I’d do. I didn’t even wear my Garmin to track my pace.   I just wanted to run and to finish with a decent time.  The morning turned out to be sunny.  And cold.  Lost feeling of my toes, cold.   But there was sunshine.  Praise the Lord for sunshine!

At the starting line, as the gun went off, I tried not to start too fast.   I have a tendency, because of the race adrenaline, to move out faster than I should. 

I said to myself, ‘Strong and Steady.’

Often, when running, I say various mantras in my head to motivate me and keep the momentum going.  This race was no different.  I needed the help.  I wasn’t feeling strong.

‘Strong and Steady.’  I told myself.

However, hearing the heavy footsteps of the guy behind me kept me moving. When I race, my competitive side does tend to come out.  I was not going to let that guy pass me!

‘Because I can.’
‘Strong and Steady.’ 

‘Home stretch, baby!’  As I rounded one last turn on the course, before heading to the finish.  

The sound of pounding footsteps behind me kept my feet from slowing down.  The mantras kept my mind focused on the race and not on my numb fingers and toes.

Then, I heard three words that were the most motivating of all, “Go Mommy Go!”    Those three words drowned out the sound of my heavy breathing and the footsteps behind me.

These three words were a boost of motivation, the motivation I needed to run a little faster.

Then three more words ran through my head,  ‘Make him proud.’

I finished strong. I finished 2nd overall {female}.

Going into the race, I didn’t have high expectations for my time, but I ran faster than I expected I would.  I felt stronger than I expected I would.  And, I proved to myself, yet again, that I am capable of more than I think I am.   

‘Go Mommy Go!’

Post race with Little Man.  I think {I hope} I made him proud!

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