Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gift Bag Tutorial

* Make Your Own * Burlap Gift Bag *
{Quick and Easy DIY}

I was putting together a little gift to give Little Man’s preschool teachers and thought I’d try to create a gift bag.   I wanted something that would be quick and easy and that would also use materials I already had.  Burlap!  I decided to use some burlap I had.  Since burlap is a coarsely woven fabric, I wasn’t worried about making it look perfect or sewing it perfectly. I wanted the ‘raw’ edges of the bag to show, I figured the ‘fraying’ edges would give the bags a more interesting look.   
These bags can be used for any occasion!

Supplies needed:
Thread {recommend one the color of the burlap}
Sewing machine
Ribbon for handles


Decide how big you want the bag to be {mine was about 8” x 6”}
Cut two rectangles from the burlap for the each side of the bag.  

Cut one smaller piece for the base of the bag, making sure it is the same size as the bottom side of the bag {mine was roughly 6” x 2”}. 

Cut two pieces for the sides of the bag, an inch longer than the height of the bag and as wide as you’d like the inside of the bag to be {mine were roughly 9” x 3”}.

Cut two strips of ribbon for handles.  {Mine were about 10” long}  Cut the ribbon longer if you want higher handles, and shorter if you’d like shorter handles.

Now it is time to sew!
First, I took the large {front and back} pieces and sewed them to the bottom piece.  Since burlap doesn’t have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side to the fabric, it doesn’t matter how you sew it.  Just grab and sew!  Make sure your seams both sewn the same way {raw edges facing out}.

Next, pin the side pieces on, making sure the edge are facing out.  Sew.  While sewing, as you approach the corners of the bag, slow down and make sure you are getting all the layers of the burlap when you sew.  Corners can be tricky.  But, the good thing with the burlap is you don’t have to sew it perfectly because the lines wont’ be as noticeable if they aren’t perfect.

Next, take the ribbon {or whatever you choose to use} for the handles and pin in place.  I pinned my handles roughly one inch from the edges of the bag.

Sew in place.

Cut all the loose threads. {I used white thread, but I recommend using a thread the color of the burlap!}

You are almost done! 
Last step, pull strands of burlap to create the desired look…

And, done!   Fill the bag with whatever goodies you’d like!  
I had Little Man write his teacher's names on paper to make gift tags too.

Easy and unique gift bag!  What will you put in yours?? 

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