Friday, February 10, 2012

Retro Peters

If I were to describe my style, ‘retro’ would not be the first thing to come to mind.  I don’t think I’m ‘retro’ at all.   But, given the definition of retro- “modeled on something from the past such as a style of fashion or music”- I think I fit the category! 

I am the proud owner of a shirt that once belonged to my Dad - circa late 70’s.  I found the shirt in my Mom’s sewing room in a pile waiting to be donated or re-purposed.  I’m not really sure what attracted me to the shirt- the colors in the plaid, or the fact it was from the Gap, or maybe because it looked like it might fit me (as I type this I think that might not be something to own up to- my dad and I wearing the same size? Yikes!).   Whatever the reason, I grabbed it.  I’ve worn it.  And, I really like it!   

Guess this give a whole new meaning to recycling clothing!  Thanks for the shirt Dad!

Circa 1981- can you guess who that little lady is?
Same shirt, circa 2012


  1. That's awesome Amy. I wish I had something like that that was my dad's.

  2. Sara, my first response was to jokingly say I'm sure I could find another 'old' shirt for you in my Dad's closet. But, I know that your comment is very heartfelt!
    Thank you for reminding me of how lucky I am to have things that once belonged to my father. I wish you had something like that that was your Dad's too dear friend!

  3. Sara! That made me tear up this morning.....Amy, that is REALLY cool......I used to wear some old shirts of my dad's, too, and then I think they got too "holey".....time to go raid his closet again!!!!! His favorite shirts and sweatshirts, though, are of my sports teams from high't think I'll be wearing those again any time soon!

    1. Karina, you are so sweet! I think I know which 'teams' you are referreing to! Go Monarchs!
      I wonder if I could find any old shirts from our YMCA b-ball days?! :)



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